Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby AND puppies at Tiff and Robs...yes, you can call them crazy!

That's right, Bay on Thursday the first and Puppies on Monday the 6th.

yes, their nuts!

But look at their fabulous family!!!!

Rachel Elizabeth, born March 1st beautiful and healthy!

New Dad Rob...he'll learn fast!Big brother Joshua. He'll love and protect her always.

now for the puppies...

as of 9:50pm, there were 7 and more were coming, but I had to leave.

This is the anxious daddy, Diesel. He will be passing out raw hides tommorrow.

Are they cute or what! just think, in a couple of weeks they will be about twenty lbs...

When I left, Duchess was doing fine and ready for a few more. We'll see how many total on Tuesday.
Congrats to everyone in that house!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janet, How fabulous all your shots have been. We have truely enjoyed you being part of these spectacular times in our lives. You have documented the events very professionally and creatively. Your experience with scapbooking shows in your art work.Thanks you again and again for you wonderful work and your friendship.
Tiffany McGrath

12:37 PM  

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