Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Cooley's 2007

Amy and Dennis Cooley have the best family. They LOVE to have their pictures taken. Caroline is always ready with a pose.
I love these of Dennis and Amy with the kids in the background. They are both all about their family. So they asked for some pictures of them together and I just couldn't resist the kids being in the picture somewhere:)
Dennis and Thomas on the swing. I am a sucker for feet shots. I am not a fan of feet, but love to see how cute they are in pictures. And we always LOVE baby feet, so I like the relationship of an adult pair and a child's pair. It reminds us that they are still small, soft and touchable. As long as Amy's not the one touching them:) Amy hates feet. This is one of the "kids wanted to have fun" pictures. I love Little Thomas peeking out from the side.Mommy and Thomas
Don't they make a beautiful family?


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