Monday, March 05, 2007

More Rover Round Up...But theses are CUTE kids!

Here is one of my favorite clients...well this whole post is a family full of my favorite clients/friends.
This is Thatcher. He turned one just a few short days after this picture. He is happy, healthy, and loves to watch the trucks. Watch out guys, you need to have a truck fund for this little guy!
This is Jasper, Thatchers big brother. He already knows a lot about trucks. He'll be able to teach him a lot.

Wow, talk about being in the right place at the right time. Now, I just think this is a darn cute shot. Sam looks so innocent and sweet, and she is. But, Show this picture to a Rover fan and they think its out of this world! I have heard "This should be a poster for Land Rover"!
For you non-Rover types...this shot shows a Land Rover Discovery, then a Range Rover, Then a series truck. What more would you need in a Rover photo...nothing.
And Samantha again...She's my new favorite girly model. By the way, shes not posing, shes just being herself and I got to witness this beauty!
And then there's my "happy ice cubes". Boy were we all cold! But these too were toasty, warm and happy. Thanks Diana and Thatcher!


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