Monday, March 05, 2007

Wallaby Ranch, Rover Round Up

Well, the following posts with Rover Round up titles were taken in February of this years Palomino Rover Round Up. In other terms, a big camp out for Land Rover owners and friends ran by Rico Palomino and his wife. I had never been before and we had just bought a camper so sounded like nice, warm, fun. Boy was I wrong! It was great cold fun!!! It took place at a hang gliding facility near Orlando called Wallaby Ranch. So, will we were driving the Rovers around on their trails, they were hang gliding above us. Hang gliding in Florida you ask??? They are flown up by ultra light airplanes and set loose the glide back down. The ride lasts about 15 minutes for about $100. We may go back for that another time. But we had loads of fun freezing our tires off and having fun "bumpy riding" as my kids like to call it.
Here is a rare photo of me taken by my future photographer son, Marshall.
Ed going over the log bridge.

Diggin up the dinosaur dung pile:)

This was peaceful quiet place.log challenge...one day Sean will make it through without quiting:)


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