Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well, I promised pictures if I went. It wasnt spectacular like it has been the past few nights. Thats always the way it goes for me. I watch them from the house and they are phenominal and I go spend 2 hours at the beach (which I detest) and they are, eh. But the kids had a whopper of atime and that was whorth it alone! Macy even commented on how much fun they had playing.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hell of a week, Happy weekend!

For doing just about nothing this week at work, I had a very stressful week!!!

Yah, I know that doesn't sound right. I really had a few things to do, and I finally got my computer. It doesn't work right though. They have been trying to figure out what the problem is and just cant quite get it. And talking to people over the phone about what your computer is and isn't doing is frustrating in itself! They always wonder if you are really doing what you are saying you are... Go figure.

Then I had my first review and quarterly advertising meeting. I thought my review was going to SUCK! But she scored me all 1's. That's perfect??? We did both agree that since I still haven't got to do my full job that I will have to improve that point. AND, I got a raise??? One I didn't think I would get, and bigger than I thought???? Also the meeting was eye opening. I never thought they thought so much about color, placement, fonts you know, just like scrapbooking. I enjoyed the meeting. Others thought it was a waist of time. To me it was something to do!

So I slept in today and really have nothing planned. I think I may go out and watch the sun set tonight. It has been looking fabulous the past few nights here at the house. But, I just got a call from Jill and might meet up with the girls around 7:00 for dinner. So, I might go there or see abeautiful sunset, if it is wonderful I will be posting a picture later on tonight.
Happy weekend!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The wall and the other two...

Well, the side of the house worked great for Macy so I drug the other two out there. Had fun with one of Chelseas of course. And for Marshall, Dude you did pretty good!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another year flies by

She turns 12 on Thursday. Heaven help us!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Whats with me and waterlilies?

My mother always says, "your just like your Grandmother". Funny, since she was not the artist or photographer. She must have gotten it from being around it. Anyways... She always ran around and took pictures of flowers, trees, leaves, anything she found beautiful. SOmetimes I feel these things call me. And strangly, I listen. I have never been one to go search out beautiful, oddly beautiful, things. But I find them, convieniently when I have camera in hand.
So I was getting ready to shoot a newly engaged couples picture when a near by pond called to me. Checking it out closer I found these, you decide if they were the ones doing the calling...

And there was that last time, at Mote marine. This one called my name...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Homage to the cycler...

Well another year has gone by and so has another Florida Law Enforcement and fire games has also.
Ed compeeted in 6 events. They are as follows:
1. Mountain biking....Gold medal
2. Criterium race.......Bronze medal
3. 1000 meter sprint..........
4. 40 mile road race....4th place
5. 10 mile time trial.....4th place
~ overall biking ~.........silver medal
6. Triathalon.................silver medal

Ed, we are all very proud of your acheivement! You did a great job. Extra "Hurrays" go out to you for missing your gold medal ceremony because you went back to the course to help another biker, Felix, accomplish his goal of finishing. You really helped him a lot and were a great example to all.