Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cotton Tail Run 2007

Hannah sure is growing up! But in these shots of her and Macy having a blast with the bubbles I got, they still look like little, little girls.

Rich needs another MUDBUTT please...
Hey Max, I think you have some spanish moss stuck to your chin....

Thank God these two live about a thousand miles away from each other!!!
yup, thats right...were money!

...and here we go......

Carol and her offical body guards.
I love dogs that have eyes to match their coats. Sadie was Miss Beautiful!

Max had a Lunar Moth land on his tent Friday night. It was amazing!!!

Dale out for a night run with Sasquatch...and about 15 other trucks:)

The convoy...
A little night time skinny dipping for Sasquatch.

Sorry honey. I honestly didnt mean to KILL your hand made custom roof rack! I guess this gives you the right to make a new one???

Taking a well needed break! Steve and Melvin came all the way down from the great white north (New York) just to warm up, have fun and drink some ice cold beer from Rich's cooler:)

We found this tag along on the tow strap on the back of the Rover. He ended up traveling around 5 miles with us!

You never visit Florida without a dip in the pool. Well at least in the summer! I wasnt there for the initial jump into the pool, but I heard some awful screaming when Max jumped in! It was unbearably cold, but they stayed in and had a blast. As you can see the boys will always be boys! And the water fight looks very familiar. I think I may have some pictures of Hannah and Marshall doing the same thing about 5-6 years ago...in the same pool!

Someone had this relly cool skateboard type of a thing. It has a wide handle and you sit on it and FLY!!! Marshall had a blast on it. Anyone know where to buy one?

Funn at the Hummer pit for the Poelsma's and the Watson's. Even Hannah got to partake in the driving!

Dinner was Boston Butt Slow cooked all day. It was FABULOUS! Thanks to Dale, Carol, Harry, and Robb. Then everyone else pitched in for one great feast!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baby AND puppies at Tiff and Robs...yes, you can call them crazy!

That's right, Bay on Thursday the first and Puppies on Monday the 6th.

yes, their nuts!

But look at their fabulous family!!!!

Rachel Elizabeth, born March 1st beautiful and healthy!

New Dad Rob...he'll learn fast!Big brother Joshua. He'll love and protect her always.

now for the puppies...

as of 9:50pm, there were 7 and more were coming, but I had to leave.

This is the anxious daddy, Diesel. He will be passing out raw hides tommorrow.

Are they cute or what! just think, in a couple of weeks they will be about twenty lbs...

When I left, Duchess was doing fine and ready for a few more. We'll see how many total on Tuesday.
Congrats to everyone in that house!