Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blackrick Family Portrait 2007

The Blackrick family was all in one state again with a new addition, Micah. We all net at Manatee county's historical park downtown for a family photo shoot. It was BLISTERINGLY humid. But we still got some beautiful pictures. Then the next day I had Master Micah over for some fabulous pictures that he so willingly posed for. Thanks Micah, you are beautiful!

A photo collects no dust

Google is a fabulous thing. You type in your name and all kinds of fun pulls up. In my case I found a wonderful compliment from someone who just stumbled across me in my JPG magazine account. Here is the link to their blog:
Their blog will link you here, a small article I wrote for the website/magazine:
And if you would like to view my work I have posted there, here is the link to my account:
I truley feel honored by whomever write the Tea Lounge blog and appreciate their attempt at seeing the beauty in my craft.