Friday, January 02, 2009

Macy, Marshall and Kyle...on our Golf cart adventure

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

playing on the golf cart

After dinner on Thanksgiving the kids love to play around on Uncle Steve's golf cart. he took them on a quick ride around then it was my turn to take them out. I let Marshall and Macy take turns driving around. Then they took me on a wild goose chase around the complex. Kyle had fun playing like he was falling off the back (we were stopped when I took the picture), and if you look close at Macy's braces she looks like she is saving some sweet potatoes for later:)

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The Stewart Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my brother Stephen's house. Luckily the Stewart family lives in the same complex that my brother does. So before Thanksgiving dinner we set off to take the photo of the Stewart family.

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The Turner's

Boys running around with cars and wielding swords, the smell of cookies and marvelous gourmet food, hearing revving truck engines and mad barking dogs and you know that you are at my friends the Turner's.
We did a "Speed Shoot" at there house and it was rough but we got a few good shots.
I got a great meal afterwards...it was worth every shot!

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More Costello antics

I love this family. They are fun, loving, generous and are always willing to bring anyone into their family. I always look forward to taking their picture. We had fun at their grandma's antique shop, Charms on Leffingwell. A great place to explore and find wonderful antiques. Dad Mike is a good sport while we played around and made him "The Dunce" in the little school chairs on the front porch.
Costello family, you look marvelous!

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