Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hell of a week, Happy weekend!

For doing just about nothing this week at work, I had a very stressful week!!!

Yah, I know that doesn't sound right. I really had a few things to do, and I finally got my computer. It doesn't work right though. They have been trying to figure out what the problem is and just cant quite get it. And talking to people over the phone about what your computer is and isn't doing is frustrating in itself! They always wonder if you are really doing what you are saying you are... Go figure.

Then I had my first review and quarterly advertising meeting. I thought my review was going to SUCK! But she scored me all 1's. That's perfect??? We did both agree that since I still haven't got to do my full job that I will have to improve that point. AND, I got a raise??? One I didn't think I would get, and bigger than I thought???? Also the meeting was eye opening. I never thought they thought so much about color, placement, fonts you know, just like scrapbooking. I enjoyed the meeting. Others thought it was a waist of time. To me it was something to do!

So I slept in today and really have nothing planned. I think I may go out and watch the sun set tonight. It has been looking fabulous the past few nights here at the house. But, I just got a call from Jill and might meet up with the girls around 7:00 for dinner. So, I might go there or see abeautiful sunset, if it is wonderful I will be posting a picture later on tonight.
Happy weekend!


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