Monday, July 10, 2006

Whats with me and waterlilies?

My mother always says, "your just like your Grandmother". Funny, since she was not the artist or photographer. She must have gotten it from being around it. Anyways... She always ran around and took pictures of flowers, trees, leaves, anything she found beautiful. SOmetimes I feel these things call me. And strangly, I listen. I have never been one to go search out beautiful, oddly beautiful, things. But I find them, convieniently when I have camera in hand.
So I was getting ready to shoot a newly engaged couples picture when a near by pond called to me. Checking it out closer I found these, you decide if they were the ones doing the calling...

And there was that last time, at Mote marine. This one called my name...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all of your awesome flower shots! So gorgeous! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one, that one would be calling my name too! :)

11:42 PM  

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