Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sunny day

Well, I was rushing home on Thursday to load my camera from a photo shoot I had just finished when my car came to a screaching hault.

There in front of the Richardsons house where the most amazing things. Now, you have to understand the Richardsons yard to appreciate this. Its nothing special, pretty funny actually. Mr Richadron takes the first foot of his yard at the curb and turns it into a garden of sorts. Not really much to look at and seems like a pretty funny spot to have one. But everyone that passes by it waits in antisipation to see what he will do next... Their have been peppers, tomatoes, squash, generic flowers, he even had corn once...but I LOVE when he plants his sunflowers! They are amazing! And as I passed they called to me knowing the camera was close by. They were right they needed to have their image imortalized!