Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a a party, It's a party...AGAIN.

So, Macy was invited to a costume party by her friend, Aaliya. The invitation was hand wrote on an index card. Macy told me she lived on the island and I was just to "look for the signs" to get to her house. So I called the phone listed and spoke with her mom to get a better idea of where they lived. The island bridge is out so we had to drive the very long way to get to the island so I wanted to have a very good idea of where the party was. So, we worked very hard on her Mad doctor look. We spent about 45 minutes on the hair. Used a full can of hair color, and a bunch of makeup. I took countless pictures to the point of photographic frustration on the part of the model. Then off we went. The traffic was horrible on the way out. It took forever. We finally found the road and set off to find the "signs". They didn't exist. So we checked for the house number on the invitation...it wasn't there. I called the Mom's phone number and got no answer. we drove up and down the road for 15 minutes. I called and called. Macy was getting sadder and sadder as we drove up and down. I tried calling one last time before turning tail and finally got an answer. I was glad to hear her voice. I explained the invitation snafu, and told her of our countless times up and down the road and then pleaded to her to tell me their house number.

Then it came...She said in a saddened voice...
"I am sorry but the party is TOMORROW"

Needless to say we all felt, stupid, humiliated, tired and my car had a lot less gas in it.
So we tried it all over again on Sunday. Macy looked great on both days. She had a great time and we both learned a real good lesson.

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