Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's been so long...

Well David Cook just won American Idol...YEAH! Once I was over the initial shock that David A. didnt win like predicted (thankfully) I thought...why not blog.
I know its been a long, long, long time since I have posted a picture, you probably thought I had given up. Nope...just darn busy! I have taken hundred...thousands of fabulous pictures. So many that I had to move all of them off my computer to a hard drive. So the photos below are a few from January on.
I am happy to report that I have been published 3 times. Oddly enough, they are in truck magazines. Yes, you heard me, truck magazines (oh and one scrapbook idea book). I was published in the Rovers North catalog, twice. Thanks to Sam Costello and to Tami Sutherland for allowing me to hyjack their images to print. Also I was published two months in a row with the Global Magazine "Land Rover Monthly." First with a two page spread consisting of two solid pages of pictures with text on top, then 4 full page spreads the next month. Go to www.floridalandroverclub.com to see them. I was also published for my photography and scrapbooking with a photo of Sam in "601 Scrapbooking layouts" in a Memory Makers idea book. Thanks again Sam!
So i have decided to just post, post, post, tons of pic.
I hope you enjoy!
The Masengale family, Rodney, Jamie, and Olivia:)

Olivia has a rare disease called DeGeorges syndrome and had Trunctus Irticulitous at birth with an open heart surgery at 4 weeks. She is two now and is stuggling with her weight. She currently stands at almost 19 lbs. She's a trooper! Keep her in your prayers for continued good health and weight gain, and for her patient...wonderful parents!

A fabulous Rover!

The Townsend Family. Scott, Debbie, Ty and Nevaeh.

You gotta love babies!!! This is Logan Maxwell Wilch.
XXXOOXXX and a couple of cheek pinches too~

A fabulous couple and family that I have photogrphed in the past spent their 10th anniversary renewing their vows. Dennis and Amy Cooley are a true fairy tale love and they make everyone around them wish the world could take their love as an example of how we should all be!

The Breslin Family. Shaun, Stephanie, Fisher and Ethan

Amys sister Leslie's fabulous family.

Just some random, fun pictures:

From 10 to 13...they sure do grow up fast!

Miss Lily. We had fun, didn't we?

A Rover Kid!

Too Kool Noah!

Those Blackricks have the best blue eyes...another boy on the way:)
My Rachael, another blue eyed beauty! She is one here and growing every day. Hey Tiffany, we need to set up a photo shoot! Before she's in college.
My favorite rocker. I will link you to him someday...
Thanks for the fun shoot and run around town too!

My man.
I love this picture:) him too!

Thanks and I will try and keep the posts comming.
I took some FABULOUS Christmas pictures of Fabulous families. I will find them and post again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of us!! We LOVE them and so does everyone else. We have had such a hard time picking out the "best" ones because they are all so awesome!! Much love to you!

Heart Hugs <3
The Masengales (Jamie, Rodney and Olivia)

9:20 AM  

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